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WikiWad is here on for family and friends to share and maintain information. It is run by Eric Wadsworth.

Primary content

Additional content that some may enjoy:

Spammers are annoying!

October 18, 2007

Anonymous editing, and creation of new accounts,
has been disabled due to spammer activity.
If you want to add or edit pages, just let me know
why in an email message, along with your desired
username. Sorry for the inconvenience!

--- Eric Wadsworth (

Wait a moment, what is a wiki, anyway?

It's a set of interconnected documents that are easily accessible and easily editable. A complete history of changes for each page is available for all to see. You must have an account if you want to add or edit pages. I had to disable user account creation, because of spammers, so just send me an email ( with the word "wikiwad" in the subject, and the username you want, and I'll create an account for you.

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