40th Birthday Party

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You and a friend are invited to my house on Thursday, December 2nd, at around 6:00 PM (after dinner), to celebrate the end of me being non-old. Let me know if you got this invitation, and if you're planning on coming: eric@wadhome.org. If you can't make it don't fret: I'm inviting a ton of people. I live at 10182 Campden Ct in South Jordan, Utah.

Fun Stuff

  • We'll have a White Elephant gift exchange: Don't spend more than ten bucks, unless you are okay ending up with something someone spent less than ten bucks on.
  • Well also have a White penguin gift exchange: Geeky stuff only! Same ten buck guideline applies. Feel free to participate in 0, 1 or 2 of these gift exchanges. We'll make a game out of them.
  • Tressa is in full hostess mode, preparing many yummy eatables. Bacon will be served, because I like bacon.
  • Many tasty beverages, and none of them will contain any high fructose corn syrup.
  • Going to set up a half dozen XBoxen, with lots of games to play and videos to watch. Might set up DDR on the 120" in the basement, with 4 dance pads!
  • Anyone that has a Magic: The Gathering deck, bring it! We'll have some tables handy to play on.
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