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Dungeons and Dragons gaming

Here is the Dungeons and Dragons Introduction page, check it out. It has general info on how DnD works with my group, and points to specifics on getting started.

Fifth Edition is here (barely)! Here's an intro.

Current campaigns

D&D 5th edition

D&D 4th edition (no longer active)

D&D Version 3.5 (no longer active)

Various completed adventures

Links and tools

  • Mike made a WAY cool mapping tool!
    • Enter the name "citadel" and click REFRESH button to load up the map for the Sunless Citadel adventure.

Links specific to D&D version 4.0

Links specific to D&D version 3.5

  • Here's a link to a handy dice rolling applet. Just click the "roll" button to generate a character, it's already set up!
  • Here is a handy character creation tool. I actually prefer to do it manually, and I think people should do it a couple of times manually also, so that you can learn the interrelations between the various numbers. This tool lacks equipment weight, and calculating weapon and armor numbers, and skills that you can use untrained, and a few other things.
  • If you haven't purchased a copy of the player's handbook (used ones go for $16 on amazon, after shipping), you can download this pdf for reference.
  • I created a campaign scenario called Bunawan, and a campaign called Rise of the Necromancer. We played quite a bit of what I had built, before moving on to 4th edition, and a new world.
  • Gavin built a campaign, called Nethalor.
  • Here is a nifty NPC generator.
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