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A primary purpose of WikiWad is to be a repository for family history.

Although having birth and death dates for the people is encouraged, this wiki is not intended to be a database of genealogical data. The focus is on helping us to understand who these people were and what kinds of lives they led, as well as who they are related to.

If you think you are related to someone in here, and are interested in contributing, please feel free to create pages and link them right in.


Standardized Format

In general, let's try to keep the format looking consistent. Here's what we've been trying to stick with so far:

Page Name

Every page has a name. For the family history stuff, the page is named for the person, with additional information if necessary to make it unique.

Recent people

For people in recent history, ones that we might have known in person, use the name they went by, except that for women, use their maiden name. Don't include names that they didn't use very often. For example, My mother's maiden name is Lydia Jane Manderscheid, and today she goes by Jane Wadsworth. The name of her page is Jane Manderscheid because she goes by the name of Jane, and she's married to Ray Wadsworth. If you get it wrong, don't worry; it's easy to fix any old time.

People that have passed away a long time ago

Just use the full name as the page name. For example, nobody alive today knew John D. Lee in person, so we'll use his full name as the page name, John Doyle Lee.

In the case of name conflicts, you will have to do something to keep the document name unique. Append to the name some sort of distinguishing text, such as "Sr" to indicate that this one is older, or "born 1781" to indicate that the person with this name was born on this year.


Each person's page should contain this data at the top of the page:

  • The most recent full name of the person, with maiden name in [square brackets] before the married last name
  • Names of their parents
  • Names of their spouses
  • A list of the children they are mother of (children only go on the mother's page)

Here's a good example: Effie Lee


I've broken the people down by categories, as follows:

Categorization of people
Cateogry name From To
Biblical Adam and Eve Zarah
mythical Electra Odin and Nanna
historical Beldeg Earl William de Montacute and Countess Elizabeth de Mohun
coeval William de Montague people who died since around 1900
recent and living around 1900 present

Some interesting people connected to me in this wiki

Friends and Family Alive Today




Pages of people that have a pedigree chart attached


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