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Gavin Stapley Wadsworth is the son of Eric Wadsworth and Tressa Stapley.

Hello, inhabitants of the Internet. My name is Gavin, and I am either a random person, or you know me from somewhere and decided to google me. Anyway, since you went to all that trouble, I might as well tell you something about myself.

I'm a writer. Have been for years, and have aspired to be since elementary school. I'm not writing professionally (yet), but I've written several novels. I mostly write fantasy and sci-fi. I'm also an avid reader, and lover of such authors as Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, Anne McCaffrey, Orson Scott Card, etc.

At the time of this writing (July 8, 2012), I am seventeen years, two months, and ten days old. I just tested out of high school, and am going to be attending college classes next year. Not sure what I think about that.

Anyway, I like to snowboard, I don't like chocolate, I like stormy weather, I don't like bacon, I like running at night, and I don't like television. If that's not enough for you, then I don't know what is.

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