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Geek night is a recurring event at my house, in my comfortable basement, where some friends get together and do geeky types of things. On a scheduled Geek Night, we start at 6:30PM, usually on a Wednesday or Thursday, and the fun generally goes to midnight or so. Please park in the driveway. Optionally, you can bring a snack or beverage of some sort to "feed the geeks".

We are currently using our Geek Night Yahoo Group for the mailing list and database of XBox games of interest. This also sends our reminders of get-togethers, and has the calendar.

The most recent activity was a Dungeons and Dragons game, which was fun for those who were into this sort of thing. The game is still ongoing, actually.

Past Activities

  • Hack on JEDI, BYU's old student records server. It's a Sun e450 with 20 hard drives. Got linux running on it.
  • Experiment with hacking a WEP wireless network.
  • Xbox games - 6 xboxen running 6 way NASCAR Heat races. Fun Stuph.
  • Play Neverwinter Nights
  • Play Falcon 4.0 Allied Force on a ten-foot screen, with surround sound audio
  • Xbox hacking (old, not 360) -
  • Linux hacking
  • Mess with old technology (Apple //e, 1970s era HP boxen)
  • Play games
  • Mess with HDTV on the 120" screen
    • Watch some Hikaru no Go anime. ???
    • Watch some cool videos from the internet (About the Spore game, Star Wars, animusic, etc)
    • Watch Hawk the Slawyer (B movie)
    • Watch Mission Impossible III
    • Watch some Mystery Science Theater 3000
    • Watch some Star Trek (original series)
    • Watch some high-def Heroes

Potential Future Activities

  • More gaming
    • Warmachine
    • BZFlag
    • Worms
  • Entertainment
    • Watch LOTR on the big screen
    • Watch B movies on the big screen, while doing other stuff at the same time
  • Hacking
    • Build a DVR
  • More Linux hacking
    • Fix 3d video driver on IBM T43 laptops
  • Physics
    • Discuss the holes in Carl Sagan's thinking
    • Explore the money behind the global warming religion

If you can think of some more geeky stuff you'd like to do, add 'em to the list.

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