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  1. The character suddenly appears to have their footwear on the wrong feet. They aren't really, they just look like it. When they switch them, the effect goes away, and they really DO have them on the wrong feet.
  2. When interacting with an NPC, one of the characters appears to make a provocative expression, such as a sultry wink. They don't actually, it just looks like it to everyone, and everyone notices.
  3. Someones weapon changes color, it appears to have red & white candy stripes. The effect lasts for an entire day.
  4. A character wearing a helmet suddenly hears a bee inside of it.
  5. A character notices that their waterskin is moving oddly. When they look inside, there appears to be a small pink fish appears inside it. Even after cleaning it out, and refilling it with fresh water, the fish still appears to remain. Nothing appears to be in there if there is no water in it. It lasts for a day.
  6. The next time the character uses a weapon or an offensive spell, it instead appears in the form of a very noisy and distressed chicken. For example, swinging a sword? Nope, it's a chicken. Shooting an arrow? A loud chicken screams across the air. Magic missile? Magic chicken!
  7. The character appears to be wearing very thick spectacles for the day, but he can't see them himself, only everyone else. There is nothing there, though.
  8. Very loud, but odorless flatulence that lasts for a day.
  9. The character suddenly smells strongly of cucumbers, for no apparent reason.
  10. The character's fingernails are decorated with tiny, exquisite images of flowers, for an entire day.
  11. Whenever the character puts foot in a boot or a shoe, there is a loud, alarmed sounding, "ribbit!"
  12. The first few words of every sentence a character utters come out very high-pitched. This lasts for about ten minutes.
  13. A small mouse appears to follow the character everywhere, staying about five feet behind. If confronted, it runs away. If suddenly attacked, it disappears into nothing, but comes back a few moments later. This lasts for a day.
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